CAFE - Child Adoption For Education And Rehabilitation

Why CAFE ?

The government is trying to do a lot for the needy children, for example school infrastructures, teachers fees, mid day meals, providing text books etc. However there are million of parents, specifically in the villages who cannot afford basic needs of the school going child like uniform, shoes, socks, note books, stationary or even a slate.

CAFE – Child Adoption For Education, works particularly in this domain, helping parents to fill in the gap, so that their children can go to school. Helplink Charitable Trust got formed and CAFE was launched.

CAFE Kit consists of 12 basic items for needy children, enabling them to continue their primary education.

The students are identified on the following criteria :

  • Inability to financially support basic requirements of educational material
  • Preference is given to physically / mentally challenged children or to those from villages / remote areas
  • We take the support of organisations like Childline, Samrupan etc for identification of genuine needy children.

How does CAFÉ work

  • Cost of CAFE kit is 700/- which consists of 12 items.
  • Items are sourced directly from manufacturers and wholesalers to maintain the cost and quality. Such as for uniform cloth is given by Mohta Mills at very concessional rate. Cloth is given for manufacturing of uniforms to self help women group in Itawari.
  • 700/- per kit (or multiples of kit) is received from patron through out year.
  • Many organisations are attached to us as mentors. They encourage their members and employees to contribute for the cause.
  • Associates such as Childline, Samrupan etc help us in identifying needy children.
  • The program is limited to primary school children only so that focus is more on arresting dropouts.
  • Uniform is standard in blue and white and for male and female kid.
  • During July we conduct one mega program of kit distribution in Ranikothi. Ranikothi management is gracious enough to give us their place free of cost. In this program we invite kids, schools, patron, mentors and associates so that patrons and mentors can distribute kits with their hands.
  • We distribute kits in various schools in different villages during July/Aug.
  • In the month of Jan/Feb every year we conduct fund raising program with entertainment for our patrons, mentors and associates. So far following type of programs conducted.

Yeh Taare Hai Humaare - Cultural program by Divyang Children
Ek Shaam Desh Ke Naam - musical evening
Shammi Kapoor Night - musical evening
Play – Horn OK Please
Divyaang Taare Hey Hamare
Tere Sur aur Mere Geet - musical evening
Golden Era 40-70 - musical evening

Role of Helplink Charitable Trust

  • CAFÉplays the role of bridging the gap between needy children and the Noble Patrons
  • Avoid dropout from school due to lack of basic resources / requirements Supplementing the effort of the Indian Government. 
  • Provide a platform to the people to contribute in a positive way for the betterment of the society 
  • To source and make cost effective CAFÉkit and maintain desired quality.
  • To maintain website www.helplink.infoand create transparency between trust, patron, mentors, schools and associates.

How one can contribute:

  • Patronize a child's education for 1 year for Rs. 700/- per year 
  • Make your organisation Mentor where your employee becomes patrons.
  • Pay Rs. 15000/- and become life long contributor for one kit every year.
  • Identify needy children

Donations are exempt u/s 80G of Income Tax

  • 29 K + Children have benefitted so far
  • 275 + Schools covered till now
  • 50 + Mentors are helping us
  • 1000+ Patrons are contributing
  • 5 Associates are helping to find students


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