CARE (Child Adoption for Rehabilitation and Education)
We are happy to launch our second project CARE (Child Adoption for Rehabilitation and Education) after quick success of CAFÉ(Child Adoption For Education). Through CARE project, we intend to adopt orphans who are physically/mentally challenged/HIV positive and support them by providing medicinal, boarding, educational and other basic amenities for living a quality life. Monthly expenses for such children is Rs. 2000/- i.e Rs. 24000 per year. Those who wish can patronize by paying Rs. 24000/- per child per year in the name of Helplink Charitable Trust. The list of patrons and the linked children will be uploaded on our website All the updates on events, programs and other activities related to the social cause will be updated from time to time.

Our first home under CARE is situated in Dabha near Wadi, Nagpur. It has ten HIV positive orphans between the ages 5 and 13. Their health, education and other daily needs are being taken care of by us.

Looking forward for your generous response and love to provide a home to these young ones who have no families and live in a society which usually shirks them.