India is a developing nation. Most of India’s population lives below the line of poverty. There are many such economically deprived families who want their children to be educated but are not able to make ends meet. Though our Government provides free education till middle school, the children studying in them can not afford the meager cost of simple requirement like slate, note books, pencils, school bag, uniform, shoes and other accessories. The total cost of these requirements is not more than Rs. 700/- per annum. There are as many people in our society who want to help such children in some way or the other but do not know how. To link these noble people and the needy children we have launched CAFÉ (Child Adoption For Education).

To become globally renowned and trusted link between the noble patrons and the needy children to fulfill their educational aspiration
To continuously promote CAFÉ program and provide international online platform to help bridge the gap between the noble patrons and the needy children and fulfill their educational aspirations

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