Cafe Program FAQ
Q) Who qualifies to be a patron?
A :Any individual who adopts a child for his education qualifies to be a patron.
Q) How can one adopt a child and become a patron?
A :One can adopt a child and become a patron by choosing a child online, from the schools identified by CAFÉ; and by giving his contribution either directly to the identified school or through a Mentor.
Q) Can patrons directly adopt children without any mentors?
A :Yes. Patrons can adopt children directly without the route of mentors. But it would be advisable to do the adoption through a mentor.
Q) What is the process to be followed while registering a student to the program?
A :The students registered in CAFÉ are those whose institutes have already been registered with the program. Among the various criteria mentioned in child section, preference will be given to the students of Primary (Std I to IV) school.
Q) Can a patron stop the financial help/terminate the adoption ever?
A: Yes, a patron can stop the financial help/terminate the adoption whenever he wishes.
Q) Will the patron receive regular information about the child’s progress in activities in the school?
A: A patron will receive the child’s Annual Progress Reports either personally or through the internet. It would be the mentors’ responsibility to keep the patrons updated with their children’s progress reports.
Q) Can there be a direct interaction between the patrons and the child who has been adopted?
A: There can be a direct interaction of the patrons with the children they have adopted. The patrons can meet their children in their respective institutions.
Q) How does a patron contact CAFÉ regarding his adoption plans?
A: A patron can contact us on the phone numbers given in the Contact Us link or mail in to us on the addresses given in the link.
Q) Can a patron adopt a specific child and get reports on him?
A: A patron can adopt any child of their choice who fits into the criteria. The mentors will give them regular Annual progress reports of the children adopted.
Q) How will the contribution of Rs.700 given by the patron to the mentors be spent?
A: The contribution given by the patrons on adopting the child would be taken by the mentors. The mentors hold the role of converting the patrons’ contributions into the CAFÉ kit or providing the children with their stationary and other requirements like books, pens, uniforms, shoes and so on.
Q) Can a patron make material donations of clothes, books, etc. too?
A: A patron could make material donations as and when they wish. However this would not be included under CAFÉ program and it would be as per individual interest.
Q) Why does one have to register in order to adopt?
A: A patron’s registration is important for the adoption process because each child is linked to his respective patron on the database. This reduces redundancy of adoption as every patron would adopt a unique child as per the rules.
Q) What if a patron’s address or phone number changes?
A: The patron must update their information and other details to their respective mentors. The mentors, thus, would make the corresponding changes in their patron’s accounts in CAFÉ.
Q) What if one forgets his password?
A: You can click on the “Forgot Password” link present below the login box and retrieve your password.
Q) Who qualifies to be a mentor?
A: An organization which runs and co-ordinates the CAFÉ program for children, in schools identified by CAFÉ qualifies to be a mentor.
Q) What is the procedure to become a Mentor?
A: Fill up the registration form and register yourself, or in case of any queries E-mail us at, or contact us on the following numbers:   
Tel No.: 0712-2245006
Fax: 0712-2245050
Mobile: 9373270315
Our representatives will further contact you for completing the formalities.
Q) What are the responsibilities of a Mentor?
A: The responsibilities of a mentor are as follows:1. To identify schools where needy children study.
2. To identify the needy and underprivileged children in those schools.
3. To get the child registration forms filled.
4. To get the summary list of requirements prepared, in consultation with the school staff.
5. To find patrons.
6. To conduct programs in schools, preferably at the start of new session in June and distribute the CAFÉ kits to the students.
7. To update the data of the patrons linked to the children.
8. To collect progress reports from schools at the end of session and update them on the websites for the patrons.
Q) Is CAFÉ a registered body?
A: CAFÉ is only a program under Help Link Charitable Trust. The trust is under formation.
Q) What is the role of CAFÉ?
A: 1. To promote the program CAFÉ.
2. To provide a system of concrete procedures to the mentors so that they run the program effectively and efficiently.
3. To maintain the website which serves as a platform for each of the concerned bodies involved.
4. To provide the CAFÉ kits at the lowest possible price with no compromise on quality.
Q) What is a CAFÉ kit?
A: If required by the mentors/patrons, CAFÉ provides a kit for the students called as the CAFÉ kit. It consists of the items necessary to fulfill a student’s educational needs. These include a school bag, 2 sets of uniform, shoes & socks, slate, notebooks, pen, pencils, compass box, etc as per their requirements. This is made available to the mentors and patrons at minimum possible prices by CAFÉ.
Q) What is a CAFÉ Club?
A: A CAFÉ Club is a group of persons willing to work for the program as mentors. It is a community or fellowship formed to co-ordinate among different mentors in their area. There would be a District coordinator who would serve as an intermediate link between CAFÉ program and rest of the mentors.