With a donation of just Rs.700, you can contribute in educating a child for a complete year. The money you would donate would go to the a kid of age group of 5-9yrs. This forum gives you a transparent and clear picture of your donation.

This project is basically supplementing the effort of the Indian Government. It helps avoid dropout from school due to lack of basic resources / requirements. CAFÉ plays the role of bridging the gap between these needy children and the Noble Patrons. It provides a platform to the people to contribute in a positive way for the betterment of the society.

Preference is given to physically / mentally challenged Children or to those from villages / remote areas.
Financially poor parents are main criteria. Organisations like Childline, Samrupan etc. helps us in identifying and verifying kids eligibility.

Patronize a child’s education for 1 year for just Rs. 60/- per month or Rs. 700/- per year. Life Membership enables one to patronize one child through-out your life for a one time contribution of Rs. 12000/-.