Founder Trustee

This website is the brain child of Mr. Hemant Lodha, who's a trained Chartered Accountant, currently working as a Management Consultant. He has been working in the industrial envoronment since the year 1980. He has travelled extensively around the globe and worked in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Stephen Covey's book, "7 Habbits of highly effective people" has inspired him a lot and helps him in every walk of life. He is a voracious reader and enjoys reading books on management, leadership and spiritually. To fulfill his spiritual need, Mr Lodha has taken the much needed step to bridge the gap between the two extreme sections of the society, by launching this website There are millions of people on this planet who are deprived of basic education, health and other necessities. On the other hand there is the other face of this world who has everything in abundance. This website is a small effort to work as a platform to bridge this gap between the rich and the poor. The first project taken up by helplink is CAFE(child adoption for education). CAFE was launched by Mr. Hemant Lodha at a very small scale during his tenure as President with Lions Club Of Nagpur MIDC in the year 2004 and still the project is running successfully. Launching this web site is an effort in the direction of spreading this program more extensively to the masses. Mr. Hemant Lodha can be reached by email: Mob :+91-9325536999. Address: F1 Himalaya Paradise, 206 Civil Lines, Nagpur 440001,India.

Sr.No Name Address Age Occupation Nationality Designation
Mr. Hemant Chanchalmal Lodha
R/o, 205, Himalaya Paradise, GPO Square, Civil Lines, Nagpur
Indian President
2. Mrs. Prabha Hemant Lodha R/o, 205, Himalaya Paradise, GPO Square, Civil Lines, Nagpur 46 Business Indian Secretary
3. Mr. Ravindra Lashkare R/o, Red Cross Road, Sadar, Nagpur 42 Business Indian Treasurer
4. Mrs. Prachi Daga R/o, 85, Daga Sadan, Wardhaman Nagar 24 Job Indian Member
5. Mr. Shanti Chandra Jain R/o, Milk Scheme Society, 205, IInd Floor, Civil Lines, Nagpur 49 Business Indian Member
6. Mr. Pratik lodha R/o, 205, Himalaya Paradise, GPO Square, Civil Lines, Nagpur 27 Service Indian Member
7. Mr. Rajendra Singhi R/o, 206, Himalaya Paradise, GPO Square, Civil Lines, Nagpur 54 Business Indian Member
8. Mr. Taukir A. Siddhique R/o, 501, Amar Sajjan Tower, New Mangalwari, Nagpur 38 Business Indian Member
9. Mr. Girish Sharma R/o, 81-82/3, Ram Krupa, Raj Nagar, Katol Road, Nagpur - Business Indian Member
10. Mr. Aditya Tiwari - - Service Indian Member
11. Mr. Anket Jha - - Service Indian Member

Name of Executive Committee Members
Mobile No Email ID
1. Prabha & Hemant C. Lodha (Founder Trustee) 9325536999
2. Madhu & Bharat Sariya 9823018081
3. Madhu & Rajendra Singhi 9422105453
4. Sneha & Sanjay Trivedi 9422806536
5. Shabeena & Tauqueer Siddiqui 9325422661
6. Rajani & Sudhir Shahlot 9373102111
7. Jaswinder Kaur & M.S.Parihar 9421706241
8. Sangeeta & Girish Sharma 9371461230
9. Aditya Tiwari 9822948399
10. Neeta & Pradeep Khandelwal 9371072457
11. Dr. Aarti & Dr. Abhay Kelkar 9373219802
12. Sunita & Rajay Surana 9823011931
13. Sandhya & Rajneesh Jain 9373104897
14. Aarti & Kalyani Kirti 9823053751
Sr.No Name Contact No EmailID
1. Ms.Rubina 0712 2520419